LONDON FROG's first review

After pulling off a sting of lottery winner Donald Birdie in upstate New York, Todd Gleason returns to his Manhattan home base to work on his next scam; also involving a lottery winner, the Procopio couple. Married ten years, Henri is the CEO of Looking Great Cosmetics while his wife Elise has just won the big prize. They are off on a honeymoon in London to celebrate her winnings.
Over the Internet Todd rents a flat in South Kensington from realtor Vance Timberlake. When he arrives at his temporary lodging, Todd finds the murdered corpse of Vance. He flees the scene only to be picked up in a taxi by Dobo and Larry, who were conducting surveillance of Vance for their boss hitman and speed slapper Clive Remington. After Clive slaps him around, Todd stays at the home of American expatriate Beth Simon, sister of his “partner” who is taking care of Todd’s pet Toad. As he begins the latest sting, Clive demands a piece of the action, Birdie is coming and soon everything seems to spin out of control with police, his new partner, the thug’s girlfriend and an American heiress tugging at Todd, whose latest name does not matter.

LONDON FROG is a wild crime caper starring a rogue who finds his latest caper totally out of control from the moment he steps inside his temporary lodging and spins further into chaos. The support cast enhances the zaniness as they take Todd on quite a rowdy ride. Fans who appreciate something offbeat in their thrillers will enjoy Todd’s tale as he struggles with who is conning whom.

Harriet Klausner,

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