The First American Crime Writers League Mystery Anthology Sold to Twilight Times Books

Season's greetings, friends:

As coeditor of the first American Crime Writers League mystery anthology, MURDER PAST, MURDER PRESENT, I am happy to announce that the short story collection has been sold to Twilight Times Books, owner of the popular Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, with a tentative publication date of August 2009.

Featuring twenty-five bestselling, award-winning mystery authors, the anthology will be a must have for any true fan of short, suspenseful mysteries!!!

More good news...

I have had several new mystery stories accepted into the Amazon Shorts program and now live, including "Ripper--Part 1," "Deception--Part 1," The Jury Has Spoken," and "The Phone Call."

Hope you read some or all!

Happy holidays!

R. Barri Flowers

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