Yeah, it's been awhile since I've been here. Since the last visit, my son and his wife had a baby and that makes me a _ _ _ _ _ mother but I don't allow anyone to call me that so they call me the "Ancient Mariner," which is very confusing because I'm not anywhere near a marina.

And I've also been making a book, and in the tradition that all authors are forced to be in nowadays, I am going to plug the damn thing. But it's great (of course), and there is nothing like it (don't all authors say that?) but, this time it's true.

It's a romantic-intrigue, yes, but the characters are monkeys who hold jobs, drive cars, and do all the things that humans do (and sometimes better!). And there are a few murders.

It's called: Love Monkey: A Tale of Desire, Romance & Intrigue. A little novelette and the great part are the graphics. Inside are 16 full-color scenes of real monkeys from digital photographs and photoshopped as characters. It's a hoot! There is a Web site dedicated to the book that you can visit to download a "sell sheet," pick up Author Notes, see a character or two, and order the book using the security of PayPal. The URL is:

And here is a sell sheet for you too!

Download SellSheet2opt.gif

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