I haven't mentioned this yet, but I had a new book come out in June. 


It's called A BUCKET OF BOOBS and it's available on Kindle!


Here are a few details:


Working girls. 


Sometimes with a heart of gold, sometimes with a heart of coal and sometimes just showing up late to the party, they’re out there - walking the beat, fulfilling dreams and doing what they can to make ends meet. 


Sex sells and sex is for sale in these three stories of pimps and prostitutes by Spinetingler Award nominee and Derringer Award winner John Weagly.


Featuring cover art by Deborah Paulik


Only 99cents!



Kind words that have been said about my writing in the past:


“I love pleasant surprises and, in this business, one of the best pleasant surprises is finding evidence of a new writer worth reading and following.”

-Edward Bryant, Locus Magazine



-Chicago Sun-Times


“Brisk, fresh, funny and believable”

-Chicago Reader



-Chicago Tribune


“Rarely loses sight of the effectiveness of well crafted prose.”

-New City

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