Here's what Damascena posted on for Damaged Goods:

"Thisis is the first Hannibal Jones book I've read, and it is a delight on all levels. The writing is excellent to exquisite. the characters are believable (including the hero, who can do amazing things, but is still extremely human). the setting is lovingly and meticulously drawn, in several locales, and the story left me absolutely breathless on more than one occasion.

I especially enjoyed some of the side action, for example, the examination of hip hop music ...with which I am absolutely unacquainted, and the insight into lifestyles with which I do not have, and will never have experience. they added texture and color to this book, without detracting in the least from the story line. In fact, the author drew all the threads together in a smooth, professional manner that impressed me.

Toward the end, I admit to thinking *now* what's going to happen? And something always did, but, surprising and delighting me, what happened was never quite predictable, so I didn't mind what seemed an extended climax. All in all, this is a wonderful read, and offers more than a little of more than a few things for any reader."

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Comment by Dana King on May 18, 2012 at 5:23am

Congratulations, Austin. Hannibal's a great character, and you put the reader in the DC area as well as anyone this side of George Pelecanos. It's good to see you're getting some well-deserved recognition.

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