Another 5-star review! Here's what Cherie Hiles (Somewhere in the Bible belt) posted on about Damaged Goods:

"I was sorry it ended. I was completely hooked on this book from beginning to end. The writing is excellent, the story well-told with depth of character, and description that doesn't leave you confused - but doesn't go on and on to the point of boring you.

I honestly couldn't put it down except when forced, (funny how they think you ought to work at work, instead of reading... harrumph) and was constantly thinking about it when not reading.

I was SO happy with the ending! It wasn't utterly predictable, it wasn't too easy, and I felt like justice was served. Beautiful combination, yes?

I look forward to reading Collateral Damage by Austin Camacho, now. Hannibal Jones is a guy to follow.

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