Are you a writer without a finished manuscript?

I might be able to help you accomplish the goal of finishing your manuscript.

Over ten years ago I wrote my first mystery novel. Couldn't find an agent and finally one told me it was written in the wrong style for a mystery. Back then, I didn't know there was a certain format for a mystery. I've read the books and used Evan Marshall's "The Marshall plan for novel writing" to finish and publish a different novel last July. I have since written another novel and rewritten the original one. The fourth has just been started.

This isn't about those novels, but maybe I can help you complete your novel. I've learned some methods to write and finish a novel in about 200 hours. That does not count the time away from the computer thinking about twists and turns etc.

Maybe I can help guide you. There isn't any charge!

Why am I doing this? Hopefully my helping others will bring attention to my novels. However, a better result would be - having some fellow authors who have also completed the cycle of love. You have to love writing to put yourself through it.

If you would care to write privately about your situation my email is and title your message something like - help me finish...

Best to all,



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