FREE - WEDS/THURS (4/11-4/12) Scent of Gardenia (Mystery/Thriller)

Most everyone likes free. I'm asking for some additional reader feedback and I'm making my second novel available for free on Amazon's KDP process this week. Link -
I'm trying different days along with a two day window this time. I would like to see what a non-Saturday free period does for the download volume. Please check out this novel set in New England and Bermuda.
For those contemplating the Kindle KDP program; I found it easier than planned and I believe will be more rewarding than my first novel using a traditional publication approach. New authors need to be found, and 'reviews' are important.

If you would care to discuss the KDP process please let me know at


Why are rich young men disappearing in Bermuda?
Why is there no trace of them?
What happened to their expensive yachts?
Why is no ransom requested?
How many more US Citizens will go missing?
Why does Scott Tucker get involved with their disappearance?
Who is Scott Tucker anyway?
Why is the FBI involved?
Who is Mercedes Strong and why is she involved?
What secret does she have?
Why haven’t the authorities made more progress?
Why is there a new separate private investigation?
When some missing men turn up murdered, will they all be found dead?
Will the investigators get too close and lose their own freedom?
When you know these answers; hopefully, you read Scent of Gardenia!

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