Aura Imbarus Out Of the Transylvania Night

To read this novel is to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster that has many twists and turns. The story chronicles the life and times of Aura and her family as they live in a Communist country. The many hardships they must endure just to
get through a “normal” day, is enough to depress anyone. Shopping for just the
basic essentials as outlined by the leaders would leave one totally devoid of
any hope. The story sets out revealing what Aura’s life is like on a daily
basis and then everything kicks into high gear as the 1989 revolution starts

The adventure takes us into different directions and chronicles the life of someone that is not willing to let all that life has defeat her. Instead the action leans towards what can be done, not just survive but
flourish and enjoy. Sacrifice, reward and atonement are the hallmarks of this
novel and the points are brought home with such ease that it makes this
difficult story an easy one to take. I for one was taken aback by how much I
enjoyed this novel and was very happy to have taken the ride.

Surprisingly I haven’t made any wise cracks through this post. It is a serious novel with a serious message but delivered in such a manner that it is not depressing, and makes the reader think a little, but also
reflect on the things and people that surround us. The little and the big
things we take for granted on a daily basis that some people just don’t have or
have to really fight for just to survive. I for one look at things a little
differently having read the novel. Aura Imbarus takes us on a journey, not just
to different geographical places, but to places in the heart and the mind.
Don’t pass this novel up; the trip is worth the taking.

NEWS FLASH: The official book signing will be at Barnes and Noble, at The Grove, BH, on Oct 23, 2pm.On Sept 28, 4pm, She will be the main speaker at the opening of Redondo Beach

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