White water rafting anyone?  The novel itself moves like a category five: raging, foaming, and churning all the way to the end. Hold on to the covers of this novel, the pages turn quickly, as racing through this whodunit is not an option. Beth herself will be stopping by the blog on occasion today to check comments so she can respond to them, so feel free to ask away. Enough already, what is between the covers on this one:

“The Arkansas River is the heart and soul of Salida, Colorado. It fuels the small town's economy and thrums in the blood of twenty-seven-year-old Mandy Tanner, a river ranger. When a whitewater rafting accident occurs, she deftly executes a rescue, but a man dies anyway. But it wasn't the river rapids that killed him, it was poison. Tom King was a rich land developer with bitter business rivals, who cheated on his wife, refused to support his kayak-obsessed son, and infurtiated enviromentalists.

Mandy's world turns upside down when her beloved Uncle Bill—the respected owner of a raft outfitting business—dies of a heart attack. Suspicious that his death is somehow connected to Tom King, she goes on an emotionally turbulent quest for the truth—and ends up in dangerous waters.”

The description of the scenery is rich and inviting, you can tell Beth Groundwater did her research. The tourist bureau of the area should be happy that she did such a nice job. I can see people planning vacations there after reading this, it is that good. Beth should start to write tourist books now as a side job. Back to the novel: the characters are fun, the settings intense, and there are enough subplots and backdoors placed in here to carry this new franchise for a while thankfully. The cover art is excellent also. Deadly Currents is the total package. Gift wrap it for yourself and put on your PFD.

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