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“Brother” Giovanni gets on the board with this one. Confused, I am sure you are. You would have to read the disclaimer, (which I wrote-wink, wink), in the beginning of Open Mic to understand how I came Brother Giovanni; I am not giving that away. This is the first time I am in a published work; I am pumped and honored. FYI: BDA, as he is known to his many fans, will be on our blogtalk show twice this month. March 8th for the roundtable discussion @ 3pm and then again by his lonesome self on March 22nd @ 2.30 pm EST. This digital short is moving up the charts and has gotten many 5 star reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. I am going to add mine to them today.  Here’s the deal. Big Daddy Abel is part of The Amish Outlaws, a really good band; he sings and plays the guitar. I put their You Tube videos up on my Facebook wall on occasion. Please go to their website for a good chuckle and to learn more about them; half of the band is actually Amish. My family is going to be partying with them on March 26th @ the Parx Casino right near our house; feel free to join us. Maybe I will get my picture taken with him this time. Last time he was swamped by drunken women the entire time; what was I, a cute Italian guy to do? But I digress. Enough of this, you are wondering what is a rock singer/guitar wielding, honorary Amish guy doing writing relevant, poignant, touching non-fiction? Here is a little something for you about it:

“Brother ‘Big Daddy’ Abel of The Amish Outlaws, wears his heart on his sleeve, and has his ‘real’ heart in the right place. He lays himself emotionally naked for us to read, ponder and absorb. This, my ‘Brothers’, is real, at times all too real. Be prepared; guard yourself, as ‘Big Daddy’ takes you for a ‘real’ ride into his real mind, real heart and real soul.


Introductions may be in order, yes? Only proper thing to do I think. I am Big Daddy Abel. A singer, guitar player, entertainer in a band called The Amish Outlaws. Yes, AMISH Outlaws. Three of the guys in the band are Amish. Three are not. I'm one of the NOT. Before you go asking all the ‘How can you...’ questions about Amish life, I invite you to go to our website and read this: .  Now that THAT is out of the way...Usually my ‘job’ is to entertain. Getting people to laugh, dance and sing and just have a good fun time. However, at times... my mind goes beyond that. It goes a little deeper and sometimes, as I've been told, a little TOO deep. Giovanni Gelati or Brother Giovanni, as he has been dubbed by the band, invited me to share some of my rambling thoughts with people. You in particular. Yes, YOU. Unless you're reading out loud, then I mean "you" in the plural sense. (I used to be a school teacher in my former life. Shhh! Don't tell anyone:) Thank you for giving/sharing your time here with ‘my thoughts’. I hope you feel something positive on the other end of it all. “

Hopefully you follow this blog, if you don’t, welcome and thanks for stopping by; the point is I don’t read too much non-fiction. Life is all too real for me so I pass on much of non-fiction reads. Open Mic is a nice window into a mind, heart and soul of someone that has had an assortment of life experiences and uses them to his advantage. Big Daddy’s take on life and his opinions are interesting, thought provoking and compelling reads. You know me with a digital short, for a buck, getting into this guy’s cranium and looking at life through his eyes is a bargain, if not a steal. I am going to make sure I stay current with his work; I quickly have become interested in his opinion and have no difficulty separating that from the performer. After reading this though, I can see his motivation, where he gets his passion for the person he has created on the stage and the guy that so casually and compassionately gives of himself to those that chose to see him dress in the garb of the Plain folks. The smiles he gives those that he so graciously takes pictures with is genuine, not fake. He is not just placating those slightly intoxicated women. It seems he does what he does best; he wears his heart and thoughts on his sleeve, just like here in the digital non-fiction series he has started, Open Mic. Give this a try and see where it may take you; the challenges and insights he has may open new doors and windows in your mind, body and soul. Besides that, you get to read a really cool disclaimer that I wrote.

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