Sincerely, this is my first read of this dynamic duo. Go ahead and chuckle at my expense, I understand. Interesting plotline in Gideon’s Sword:  A family wronged and father framed by a government employee to cover his tracks as many people die heinous deaths for no reason other than the government employee’s stupidity and arrogance. Original and thought provoking, I mean the way they went about it, the narrative, not the over used and tired plotline, hahaha, gotcha. Really though, let’s check out what is between the sheets:

“Gideon Crew has a lot on his mind. His mother has died, but only after revealing on her deathbed the true story of his father's murder. Reeling and thirsting for revenge, this talented operative must confront an even more pressing matter: He was been enlisted to steal plans for a Chinese megaweapon from a defecting scientist. Trademark Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child action and suspense in a new series starter.”

I didn’t know they had a trademark but they made a fast impression on this reader. Action, suspense, fun, wit the whole nine yards: this is one fast engaging read. Any one following my posts or has through my archives, understands this type of novel is right in my wheelhouse, but I have to say that it separated itself from the pack. There is nothing tired, old or even stogy about this except the early premise of the death bed confession by Gideon’s mom about the cover-up surrounding his father’s death. The manner of delivery, the high drama and tension delivered inside the covers more than makes up for the same old same script. The dialogue is fresh and crisp, the characters rich and inviting, the prose of the authors intense and gripping. Okay I liked, I think you got the point. If you get the chance pick this up and give it a go, have some fun with Gideon and the gang.

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