Book Bans Prevent Youth from Exploring Ideas Safely

by Benjamin Sobieck

In this day of digitization, librarians aren't what they used to be. Once, they sorted books. Now, they keep patrons from looking at porn of other sexy librarians on the computers. And when the Internet is down, they're battling stuck-ups of the worst kind: stodgy people who want to ban books.

Above: The plot of Farenheit 451 and prude parenting groups.

This author appreciates those efforts. Censor porn from libraries all you want, but I draw the line at books. They remain one of the best sources of information and ideas. They may contain controversial content, but life is far from idyllic. Exploring these issues vicariously through books is a healthy way for young minds to develop ideas about the world. If not books, where are they supposed to turn to for information? Kids on the bus? Snots on the playground? Wikipedia!?

No. And even if the kids are picking up bad ideas in a library, they're most likely reading the good ones, too. It is a terrific thing that they enter the marketplace of ideas at a young age.

So a big thank you to all librarians who stood up against book bans. You are making the world a better place.

Sept. 25 to Oct. 2 is the American Library Association Banned Book Week. This time highlights the books that were wrongly prohibited from the shelves. Find more information from its website.

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