"The only thing we need now is a chandelier! It's just not complete without a chandelier! What about this one? How 'bout this one? Or this one? Chandelier!"

Hang some gaudy crap from the ceiling, because my site (http://www.benjaminsobieck.webs.com) has been renovated. I'll summarize as the paint dries.

1) "4 Killer Crime Stories in 4 Minutes" eBook is on sale for $1.50. Proceeds will go toward my medical expenses following my kidney transplant. There are two ways you can download it.

Click here to buy it for $1.50 on Scribd (better if viewing on computer).

Or click here to buy it for $1.50 on Smashwords (better if viewing on an e-reader).

Wondering about that kidney transplant? You can read about it here.

2) There is a third way to get that eBook. I opened an online store right here on the site. It only accepts PayPal, unlike the options above (Scribd, for example, takes credit cards). Click here to check out the store.

3) The first e-mail newsletter went out to subscribers. I'm trying to keep it as fun as it is informative. Click here to subscribe and to read the edition that went out.

4) Speaking of that newsletter, all subscribers are entered to win a free copy of "4 Killer Crime Stories in 4 Minutes." Sure, it's only a $1.50 value. But the economy still stinks and Diet Mountain Dew still costs $1.25 out of the vending machine.

5) I'm not the only one who thinks my writing is terrible. You can read the awful things people have to say about my fiction here.

6) I'll soon be extending the "4 Minutes" eBook to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other online retailers. The good folks at Smashwords deserve a round of applause for that development. Related to this news is that the eBook has its own ISBN (spoiler alert: it's


7) This isn't really a site development, but it's been confirmed that Shadow Line Press will publish "Cleansing Eden" June 15, 2011.

That's all for now. I must return to trying to win a free lunch by texting the secret code word during a rerun of "The Office." Keep those fingers crossed!

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