To the extent I even have readers, my apologies for neglecting this blog for so long. 

The most important news is that I have finally launched my official Web site, Here you can find my books, current news, contact information and more. Check it out!

I have also launched a cable talk show, "Book Talk." The show is dedicated to the world of books, writing and reading, and we're trying to be as broad as possible. Anyone with something to say about books and reading is welcome. If you write books, so much the better.

Amy Howlett, Vermont Department of Libraries, graciously consented to be my first guest, and we had a marvelous conversation about the role of libraries in the community, books we enjoy, suggestions for reading, and more. It's as jam-packed a half hour as anyone could wish.

The program will air first on Springfield Area Public Access TV in Vermont, and then become available for wider distribution. I've found a national public access clearinghouse in Maine, so who knows where this could go? I'll also be posting them on YouTube, of course.

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Comment by Dan L. Coleman on November 11, 2013 at 10:09am

Good for you, Stephen. Best wishes.

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