I've been invited to BBC Radio Solent's On Air Christmas Party on 17 December 2008. It's part of the BBC's 100 Lives Project and I am one of the "lives!"
BBC Radio Solent's 100 Lives project offers a snapshot of life in the 21st century by following the lives of 100 people over the year. I was privileged and pleased to be chosen as one of those lives, even though it was towards the latter end of the year rather than at the beginning. The project is the largest study of its kind ever undertaken on the radio station! One of the reasons I was chosen, apart from being a 'local' girl, is that my crime marine mystery novels are all set in the Solent area.

The party is being held from 6.45 am - yes, that early in the morning!- until 9.30am with the wonderful presenter, Julian Clegg. It is in the BBC Canteen - with breakfast provided -and hopefully Julian will get to talk to many of us as he roves around with his microphone. I've been told that about forty people are expected to attend. It sounds great fun. Coffee and croissants in the canteen with maybe a bit of Christmas shopping in John Lewis's Southampton afterwards. Not a bad start to the day. Hope some of you will be able to listen to the programme.

You can also listen to it on the Internet.

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