Coming July 17: A Crime E-Book Bundle Unlike Any Other


Here's what's up.


A site called is taking e-books from myself, Vincent Zandri, Fiona Johnson, Dana King, Laura Roberts and Black Heart Magazine and putting them into one bundle. You can get all of them for $2 or more. You pick the price.


Why would you pay more than $2? For starters, 20% of all sales will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation (you can read why this cause is important to me here).


Also, we'll add more e-books to the bundle the more people buy it. There are four (possibly five) bonus e-books that will be added if the bundle brings in certain amounts.


Here's where it gets even cooler. The top five buyers (meaning they gave the most for the bundle) will win autographed copies of print books. Spots two through five get a personalized copy of Cleansing Eden: The Celebrity Murders. The top spot gets a handmade print edition of Dana King's Wild Bill novel.


On top of all this, it's the first time Groupees has offered an e-book bundle. So I wasn't just pulling your leg with "you've never seen anything like it before." (But I still am, at heart, a carnie.)


Click here to see a preview page of the bundle on Groupees. I'll put the word out here and on social media when it goes live July 17. Can't wait!

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