Unique E-Book Bundle: Name Your Own Price for 27 Crime Authors


I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the special crime fiction e-book bundle at Groupees.com. For $2, you can get your crime fix from 27 great crime authors, including me, Vincent Zandri, Fiona Johnson, Dana King, Laura Roberts and the roster of the damned from Black Heart Magazine.


Here's the catch. You have the option of paying more than $2 for your e-books. Why? Because there are extra e-books we'll release if the bundle hits certain goals. These are great extras you won't want to miss.


Also, the top buyer will receive a handmade, autographed print copy of Dana King's Wild Bill. How cool is that?


The next four top buyers will receive an autographed copy of Cleansing Eden: The Celebrity Murders, by me.


If that wasn't cool enough, 20% of all sales will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation. It's a cause close to home, since I received a kidney transplant in 2010.


Don't wait! The offer ends July 31. Click here to go Groupees.com and get your bundle.

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