Dead of Knight is a Jack Staal mystery. Jack is a detective in a fictitious town located in British Columbia, Canada. While Jack is carrying some baggage and having nightmares, he is on the trail of a murderer nicknamed “The Birthday Boy.” A special group (IHIT) established for major crimes denies that Jack could possibly be able of solving the crime.

Jack not one to give up, begins a cat and mouse chase of “The Birthday Boy.” How will this cat and mouse game end? You will have to read the book and find out for yourself. It is full of egos, distrust, and the dogged determination of one detective to find the serial murderer running loose and staying one-step ahead of the IHIT unit.

Dead of Knight is a gripping novel that could be taken out of cases that have been in papers about the failings of not comparing notes and not listening to experienced officers that have been reported. This novel is a work of fiction that could be a slice of real life. Let’s hope that it never comes to be reality.

Told from two perspectives, that of the cat, and the mouse, but who is who? Is the detective chasing the murderer, or is the murderer chasing the detective in Dead of Knight? Only by reading the book will you find out who is the ultimate winner in the chase.

This reviewer awards Dead of Knight a recommendation of a read for those into mysteries.

by Bob Medak for Allbooks Reviews.

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