Digital short Saturday Floyd Buck Periwinkle The Past Really Hurts!

Part two of our posts today involves chapter two from The Breaker Series. Floyd Buck Periwinkle is the author of this series, sorry he has three names. I was considering cutting one out to stay with the theme of two but he might take offense and eliminate me. I would prefer to avoid that. Just a reminder: Tomorrow is Self–Published Sunday, and on Monday we have CQ Scafidi as our guest on The G-Zone blogtalk radio. CQ is the award winning author of Time Couriers and also he has begun the new digital short story series The Commissary. Tune in Monday as I am sure there will be some discussion of conspiracy, time travel, geopolitical intrigue, and music. Basically the usual stuff. Let’s just get to the action shall we:

“Check this out: back in time, a young, newly married Floyd Buck Periwinkle is put into a very funny, awkward situation by life events. Painful as it may be both literally and figuratively, this true tale of crime and punishment was too good for The Breaker to pass up passing on. You will laugh and laugh again as our favorite lawn care technician and Master “Eliminator” limps through this chapter in his life, literally. “  

I had to share this story with my wife I laughed so much. His pain is our gain. The digital short series are fast becoming a favorite part of my week. I like the stand alone digital shorts also, but the series like this, makes the reading that much more enjoyable for me. I also like to know that the storyline is going to be continued. Floyd has explained to me that in the next few installments he will be fleshing out the Eight and sending Buck to see Shrink, one of the Eight. Pluck down $.99 and laugh, enjoy and smile as a young Breaker limps, hobbles and grunts through an episode.

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