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I guess I was in the mood for police dramas this week with the digital shorts. East Coast is 8720 words of police action and family drama. I am going to go right to the
author’s synopsis on this one: ”EAST COAST is THE WIRE in a rural setting as
RCMP Sgt. Jerry Northup works to keep his narcotics squad motivated in the
seemingly unwinnable war on drugs while raising three kids with his wife,
Isobel.” I have not seen the television
show The Wire, you may groan now , I understand. Maybe one day on DVD or Blu-ray,
who knows, so I can’t say whether it is an accurate comparison, East Coast vs. The Wire.

I enjoyed the way McFetridge humanized the officers in this digital short. I know a few officers around town. I know they are family men, and it was refreshing to read the way McFetridge had them make choices, see
things maybe in a different reality then we as “normal” people do on a daily
basis. The choices the officers have to make as fathers and husbands, the way
they have to weigh someone’s existence, the perps, in the scheme of things were
refreshing. I thought his narrative was the strong part of the digital short,
without that I feel the plotline would not have worked as well. East Coast packs a lot of life’s choices
into its 8700 words.

This digital short is free, no cost, so no loss, only your time if you feel I am off my game. Give him a try. I asked John if he had anything to add & he had this to say:

“If I was going to add anything it would be that after I worked as a writer on the TV show The Bridge (which only lasted two weeks on CBS) I wrote this story as the pilot script for a TV show I was pitching and
then turned it into a short story. And I may write more 'episodes' as short

Here are the different links for the author and Smashwords:

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