Digital short Saturday Laurie Bowler Across The City Chapter Two


Is it actually Saturday? Yes, today I have it right and all has been restored to its proper order. Now if I could only figure out what to with all the body parts lying around, figuratively of course, from this digital short. Seriously, back up the truck because what goes on in these virtual pages won’t fit into a normal pickup truck. If you enjoy buckets of blood with a side order of severed limbs and vampire organs, then you have come to the right digital short story. Pull up a chair let the carnage begin:

“Volume two of the series brings about an incredible amount of carnage and sadness. The Families are at War and no one, no one is safe.

This is a Tale of Love and Loss: Two feuding Vampire Families, the daughter of one family falls in love with the son of the other. The attacks begin from both sides, and that is when the loss begins. When will it stop and who really is to blame? A new digital short story series from best- selling author Laurie Bowler author of Moon Rising, Vanquished, Sunrise to Sunset, Serena Embracing Darkness....

Laurie Bowler resides in Hampshire, a county located in the United Kingdom where she started writing fantasy fictions and romantic novels in 2009. She finds it fascinating to create stories, detailing emotions and brings the book's characters to life. After reading hundreds of romance novels, she knew she wanted to write romance within the fantasy storyline, as she finds them both fascinating and adventurous hence where the first idea came to write such stories.

Her novels have been awarded "best read" in numerous book sites.

Laurie Bowler lives with her daughter and husband, whom she loves to spend time with along with two cats and two parrots. “

Do I groove on this type of stuff, sure, I have been getting into the horror seen of late. The work done by Laurie Bowler is at times difficult to pigeon hole. I am not a big label guy but my take on the digital short series is that it crosses many genres: vampire, horror, paranormal and romance. I am going to then say, after saying that that it is kind of like a stew. The flavor and seasonings in this series vary from chapter to chapter, and that is what compels me to follow it. What is around the corner, what does she have up her sleeve? Chapter two has some serious action, suspense, and plenty of bloody horror. I say that part not because she lives in England, but because there are plenty of bloody body parts. Yes the families are at war and it is there for you to enjoy.

Laurie Bowler is very busy. She has Chapter three of this series coming out very soon, and also next week a brand new full length novel- The Depths of the Darkness. She also was a participant in last week’s Improvised Digital Short Story “Hunter” we did, batting second after B.R. Stateham. You will be able to get the Author’s Cut of that digital short on March 25th and find out what Laurie was thinking about the whole experience. She will participate again in our next round of fun on April 9th as the theme for the fun is going to be Girls vs. Guys. The girls team will have Laurie, Bri Clark (she read Laurie’s part from “Hunter” on air), Barbara Briggs Ward and Joan Meijer. Pretty serious lineup if I do say so. My suggestion, fire up the ereader and have plenty of paper towels handy as the blood and guts will be oozing out of it. Enjoy.

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