Digital short Saturday ( on Friday no Less) Tom Sumner All I Wanted Was A Haircut!


Being the smart guy I am, I needed to look up the word sublime in the dictionary. The results of that inquiry are as follows: Under verb used without an object: to convert (a solid substance) by heat into a vapor. I do this very well; ask those that are around me. I decided to read on, I figure why not I am on a roll: and as an adjective: complete, absolute, utter and haughty. The last one sounds like it is an interpretation from England. So in conclusion, to use the word sublime correctly, I can completely and absolutely in a haughty fashion create a heated vapor, so I am vindicated and utterly correct. Now what exactly is between the virtual covers at this head shaking smile maker:

“Humorist Tom Sumner has put together a collection of his best essays and thoughts that are sure to make you laugh, smile, and look at life just a little bit differently, all in a good way. Download Tom’s take on everyday life and try to see things through his eyes, skewed and wacky though it may seem, it will put a smile on your face.

Tom Sumner was born and raised in Flint. He was Executive Director for the Center City Association of Greater Flint, The Flint Children’s Museum and New Leash on Life in Los Angeles.

Tom traveled the Midwest in the 70’s and early 80’s as a full-time musician playing drums in small concert venues for recording artists “The Diamonds.” “The Drifters.” “Freddy (Boom-Boom) Cannon,” “Del Shannon,” and many others.

Tom took to the air in the 1990’s as a classical music host at Flint’s public radio station WFBE, and as media spokesperson in TV PSA’s for mid-Michigan Crimestoppers. He was a regular on-air host during pledge drives for Flint’s public television station WFUM TV28.

Sumner returned to Michigan in 2007 and became a regular member of Bill Toll’s Flint-based blues band, “Cidy Zoo.” He currently hosts a morning show at Kettering University’s student run radio station WKUF LP 94.3 FM. The show can be heard in Flint or streamed live on the World Wide Web at from 6-9am EST.

He has recently appeared as an actor and musician in several theater productions with Flint’s semi-professional troupe Vertigo Theatrics.”

I included his biography so you get a bit of taste of who is the man that is making so many people shake their heads and laugh a bit. The first three in the series are works that Tom Sumner created back in the day, but still have relevance today. He will be releasing three chapters of fun stuff like that, then we start to hit material that is totally from today’s headlines. Personally I like the style and flair he has with the written word. The quirkiness of it and the skewed vision Tom Sumner has about life. Sumner has had a very colorful past and it is brought out in his work here in the “Haircut” trilogy. I will be posting on Volume two soon. When was the last time you got to shake your head and laugh for under a buck? Not too often anymore. I read this on my smartphone waiting to get my daughter after school. The other parents were looking at me like I was from another world; I guess that is the sublime side of me. TGIF everybody!

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