Digital short Saturday ( on Friday no less) The Smoking Gun Sisiterhood Chapter Two, Cops and Robbers

TGIF to all! Change of plans and pace a bit as I have a back log of posts and digital short stories to talk about and thus the Saturday on Friday thing and then we will still have a Saturday on Saturday thing so instead of graphic novels today we will have the digital shorts in their place if you are following me at all. Nonetheless, here is the deal to make this short and more readily understandable, basically in a nutshell and to cut to the chase: today is Graphic Novel Friday, but in its place will be Digital Short Saturday, but in Digital Short Saturday’s place will be Digital Short Saturday. I am glad I made that clear. Okay so here is the lineup: today, Thad Brown’s Smoking Gun Sisterhood series, Chapter Two, Cops and Robbers, then later today will be Tom Sumner’s All I Wanted Was a Haircut. Let’s get to the virtual action shall we? These are after all ebooks. So what, pray tell, lies between the covers of my Kindle and smartphone on this little ditty?

“Did you ever think you have the perfect plan for robbing a bank? Feel the anticipation, stress, remorse and even the passion as this trio of women puts their plan into action and encounters Murphy's Law at every turn. With robbers like these women, what is a cop to do?

Call me Thad Brown. My real name is classified, to protect the guilty -I mean the innocent!

After being born at an early age, I made it through the K-12 educational system (though I didn't like it). From there, I went on to pick up a graduate degree or two, travel a bit in the U.S. and other countries, and become a writer, among other occupations (all of them legal -cross my heart!). For the background of this book, though, one of the most important things about me is that I've been a lifelong admirer of strong, brave heroines who face life without flinching, and especially of kick butt heroines: ladies who can swing a sword, handle a gun, or throw a punch; who can go toe-to-toe with a villain, look him (or her) right in the eye, and dish out justice. Growing up, I was a big fan of the ladies of Charlie's Angels and The Avengers (and before that of the comic-book adventures of Supergirl); and over the years I discovered other heroines in this mold, onscreen and in print. It's my great privilege to be married to the world's most beautiful and sexy woman, who leaps tall buildings with a single bound, catches bullets with her teeth, outruns speeding locomotives, and takes down a bad guy or two every day. (All right, she doesn't really do any of that stuff -but in my estimation, she could!) Some of her qualities went into each one of the heroines of the stories in the SGS collection, if it's only her good heart and fighting spirit; in its way, the book is my homage to her, and to all the real-life heroines out there, noticed or unnoticed. So stand tall, girls; us guys salute you!”

The Smoking Gun Sisterhood is a very interesting group of digital short stories. Each chapter is a different piece of the puzzle. I am one ahead of the pack here as I have already read chapter three. To make another confession, I am going to say, yes I have made the covers for this series and have found it to be quite the challenge. Thad Brown has a definite agenda, beautiful women at each turn, strong and resilient. Cops and Robbers is no exception. The group of women that perpetrate this foul deed are not your ordinary lot or stereotypical bank robbers. The police and the hostages come to find that out quickly. Giving stuff away as you have to know is not my gig, but understand that having a smile or a smirk on your face after reading this is probably going to happen. It is fun, campy, tongue in cheek, and altogether fun. The Smoking Gun Sisterhood series has grown on me. Wait till you read number three, it is set to be released this weekend. I suggest all three, as they are each bringing a different flav, but the one consistent thing they have is fun and bountiful entertainment. Check this author out and find out how much fun you can have for $.99.

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