Improvised Digital short Story "Hunter" Tom White Author's Cut

    As the anchor author for "Hunter" I found it to be a real rush. I read each segment as it came in and had to keep track of characters and events so as not to lose anything or anyone and then tie all of the loose ends together. I took elements of each segment and tried to expound upon them. I was being lead in a direction and had no choice but to go there.

   I learned early in my directing career that if you are going to make a choice as an actor or director it has to be a clear and bold choice to be noticed. When I read segment three and the government element and the alien element was introduced I knew exactly where I needed to go. I had to go back several times as I kept forgetting the he was missing an arm, it could have proved to be a problem. 

   I think my favorite element was finding Twiggy a victim of the blood sucking aliens. Establishing and then embellishing a prior relationship between them worked well for me.  It provided Hunter with additional motivation to conquer his fear and attempt to complete his mission. The element of the light, provided in an earlier segment, became a transportation devise to take Hunter from his world into theirs. I liked the way that turned out a lot.

   I wanted to go into more detail of the alien camp but found I was restricted by length but also time. I didn't start my segment until noon PST and Giovanni had wanted to do the reading at 1EST. Obviously, they were all waiting on me. I look forward to doing it again. I wouldn't mind if it became a weekly feature for Trestle Press.

Thomas White

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