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I have to admit I really enjoy it when my friends on the differentsocial networks make book recommendations to me. This one, The Encounter byWayne C. Rodgers was definitely an interesting find. The recommendation camefrom a friend on Goodreads and the referral stated, ”This guy can write, checkit out.” I took him at his word, cranked up the Kindle and did just that,little did I know what I was in store for. This, my friends is one unusualdigital short story by an author that seems to be quite the character himself.If you don’t believe me, check out his bio from Amazon:

“Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas casino employee who has been writingprofessionally (with the intent to sell) for twenty-five years. His firsthorror short story, The Hitchhiker, was published in Cavalier magazine in 1986.He then decided to move to L.A. to be a movie writer, but stopped off in LasVegas to see some old friends and ended up staying.

It's only been within the past year that Mr. Rogers (no, not thefamous TV host of programs for children) made the decision to work towardsbeing a full-time writer of horror and suspense and psychological fiction. Hehas written several novellas (three of which are posted on Amazon's Kindle),dozens of short stories (some of which are also on Amazon), an erotic/horrornovel--The House of Blood--for the crowd that lives on the wild kinky side, andtwo completed screenplays based on his stories The Encounter and The Tunnels.He is currently at work on a third screenplay, Shanghai Ed and the Valley ofGold. As the third script is being written, he also plans to write a shorthardcore P.I. novel called, Dolan. This will be in the tradition of AndrewVachss and Tom Piccirilli. Last, but not least, the horror writers who haveinfluenced Mr. Rogers the most are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert R.McCammon, Dan Simmons, Ray Garton, Edward Lee, John Skipp & Craig Spector,Gerald Houarner, and the late Richard Laymon.

Being somewhat of a couch potato at his old age of sixty, Mr. Rogersenjoys the pastime of writing, reading (he has over a hundred novels on hisbookshelves waiting to be read and reviewed), good movies from any time period,and good television programs such as House, Medium, The Defenders, Justified,Dexter, Blue Blood, and Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead. He also enjoysreruns of Boston Legal and the closing arguments of Alan Shore. Finally, Mr.Rogers is rather unusual in that he doesn't own a car, a house, a cellphone, orrent an apartment. In fact, he doesn't own much of anything, except for acomputer and lots of books. He rents a small room from an old friend that'sfilled with only a bed, a desk and computer, a dresser bureau, and a bookcasecrammed with hardcovers and paperbacks. One day that might change, but for noweverything is within easy reach. God bless downsizing! “

Okay, do you believe me now? The guy is different, or at least hisbiography is. The story itself is unique and blends the different elements hedescribes: Horror, suspense, & psychological. It is a nice mix and thestory has plenty of twists, turns and gore. I didn’t really know what I was in for.This was a leap of faith, but for the cost of $.99, no harm no foul. I enjoyed it;I clicked right through it at a pretty good clip and enjoyed the read. Since Iam new at this Kindle thing, I don’t know if saying I clicked through it isacceptable, but until someone corrects me I am going with it.

Oh yeah, the synopsis of the story, I almost forgot, here it is:

“Ex-U.S. Army tunnel rat, Ben Freeman, encountered something so eviland vicious during his last mission in Vietnam, that he has had nightmares ofit for over forty years. Now, the entity is back and is determined to killeveryone Freeman loves and everything he holds dear in his life. The tunnelrat, however, won't be able to fight this creature alone. He'll need the helpof his closest friend, former Special Forces Captain, Mike Malloy, the personwho saved his life in Nam and has a personal stake in all of this. Together,along with the assistance of Las Vegas Homicide Detective, Lt. Henry Peterson,they will hunt this vile creature down, only to discover that they may haveencountered something totally unstoppable.”

I don’t want to give away any of the story, but suffice it to say,it is not your normal action/suspense tail. If you get a groove on the horror,gore, paranormal genre, you have a winner here. It is a nice fast paced digitalshort story. Give the”not that Mr. Rogers” a try, the cost of the downloadwon’t break the bank , but it may cause you to lose some sleep, or have somereoccurring images in your mind. Hey my friends, keep the book recommendationscoming & the comments on the posts;; I love it. If you are not a friend ofGiovanni Gelati on Goodreads, please do so immediately, I want to hear fromyou.

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