Do we love the authors or their characters more?

Last week, a lot items including photos, letters and manuscripts once belonging to John Steinbeck went for half what auctioneers thought it would bring.

Surprisingly, bidders ran up the price on a briefcase that once belonged to one of Steinbeck's friends. The final price, $18,000, was twice what auctioneers estimated it would bring.

The friend was the inspiration for several of Steinbeck's characters, one in particular that was well-loved.

I wrote about this on my blog. Please come visit and let me know how you feel about basing story characters on a real person.

Melissa Emerald
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Comment by Melissa Emerald on June 29, 2010 at 8:56pm
I think we might be very disappointed to learn that our favorite writers are much like us--humans with failings. I have a friend who is obsessed with the lives of movie stars. I've given up on trying to tell her that these stars are not necessarily who she sees on TV and at the theater.

I just found it odd that bidders were so excited for a chance to own an old briefcase that belonged to a real man who was the inspiration for a fictional character. I'm also in awe of Steinbeck for creating a character that lives on, long past Steinbeck is dead. That is a feat that few authors will ever accomplish.

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