Graphic Novel Friday The Philistine Michael Mongillo

There is so much in here I don’t where to start. I enjoyed the read, it has a simple message and it delivers it in such a tongue in cheek method. Let’s just say it is a bit over the top. Here is the background on Nick
Bottom who is the Philistine: Nick Bottom, scrappy orphan becomes gifted Ivy
Leaguer. Idealistic government agent becomes hard-nosed vigilante. City hero
becomes one of America’s ten most wanted. And who’s there to catch the man who
would dare to be a superhero? The love he left behind, Big Brother Agent,
Vanessa Fields.

Michael Mongillo combines so many different elements into his character Nick Bottom; he seems to be equal parts Batman, The Punisher, and any hard- boiled detective you can mention. The entire graphic novel is
excellent comedy and satire and makes many good social points. Nick Bottom is
an engaging in your face character that both infuriates and infiltrates your
mind. The artwork is complimentary to the story. The dialogue is irreverent,
and it seems the entire time the writers and artists are thumbing their
collective noses at mainstream graphic novel characters .What more can one for
in a graphic novel?

United Comic Works, the creators and producers of The Philistine, have a few things going on. They have three more titles in the works;

Shockwave: Featuring “The Easter Pet” and other sci-fi short subjects- Coming in the winter of 2010

Blackthorne: A hero conspiracy comic from the mind and pen of Caleb M. Edmond. They were America’s Best Keep Secret…that was their First mistake. Starts summer 2011

Vagabonds: The most unlikely team in the most unlikely place. How long will their alliance last before they tear each other apart….?

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