Graphic Novel Friday Stephen King's Fall of Gilead

The saga continues and so does my enjoyment of them. The story has serious undertones and overtones, let’s just say for a graphic novel the plotline makes you think a little more than the average good guy /bad guy
thing. Roland, the youngest gunslinger, continues to be tested as he tries to
navigate through Mid-World to reach the fulcrum of existence –The Dark Tower. I
am going to put the rest of the post into the hands of Mr. Ralph Macchio, and
give you a piece of his intro into the graphic novel. His words are to the
point and hit every nail on the head :

“I think with this hardcover collection the Constant Reader should pause and reflect on the nature of the protagonist Stephen King has so brilliantly conceived. What manner of man could not be broken by all that has
happened to him in the space of but a few years? Are these tests or trails some
higher has doomed necessary to determine if Roland has the strength of character
to pursue the Dark Tower quest to its unknown conclusion? Future volumes may tell the tale.

Roland Deschain is a fascinating character rich with potential and contradiction. His journey toward the ultimate truth of existence is one of the more compelling in popular literature. “

That was a mouth full, but well put. Have you read the novel or followed the graphic novels as I am now? Maybe you have read both. What are your thoughts on the words of Mr. Macchio? Point on or was he missing
something? I only left out what I thought would be spoilers for the story.

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