Many different emotions went through my mind even before I opened this novel up. I have read all of the novels Parker has written, and to be honest I can’t really say which of his characters I enjoy the most. The odds
on favorite for most would be Spenser, but I have to say I enjoy Jesse Stone
and Virgil Cole as well. I guess though, a Spenser novel is fitting for the end
of the run; it is what started it all, the alpha and now the omega.

I am not a real emotional guy but I am totally bummed trying to write this. I am reading Cannell’s The Prostitutes Ball right now and it is like a double whammy. The thing that
drew me to Parker in the first place and what made me devour novel after novel to
catch up to the new stuff was the character interplay. The novels aren’t deeply
plotted. They are what they are; fun, great dialogue, a code that remains
unbroken, and a group of characters that know each other so well that sometimes
words are not even needed. The man was a legend in his day, the characters are
excellent and I was heartened that this last one was all Spenser. Hawk is away,
Benson is poking around, but it is Susan and Spenser all through the novel. I
find it to be fitting. Is it the best Spenser novel? I really didn’t care as I
savored every page; I am a fan, pure and simple. This gets five stars no matter
what for me. The man gave me too many good reads, made me laugh, and I actually
put aside the fact that I hate the Red Sox so much (me being raised a Yankees

Painted Ladies is your typical quick Parker read, except you know it is your last. The ride is way too short. The characters are doing their thing with the short, choppy
dialogue, Spenser is kicking the hornets’ nest trying to see what comes out at
him, Susan analyzes everything, and Pearl is Pearl. What more does one expect
from a Robert Parker novel, just maybe a few more. At least I have 50 novels of
his I can reread. What is your
favorite Parker novel? Who is your favorite character?

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