Heiress missing....the perfect murder.

Heiress to the famous fashion shopping chain went missing without a trace. Has anyone seen or herd from her? Just a glimpse into the drug war in Sydney we should remember the missing Heiress.

Many will have forgotten about the Heiress that knew too much. What she knew was before the gangs of Sydney errupted into ego driven addicts on the addrenalin run moving the drugs. This Heiress her name Juanita Nielsen went missing from the corner of Roslyn Street and Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross on the 4 July 1975 without a trace.

Juanita knew too much about the beginnings of a criminal gang utilising the proceeds from the drugs to flue building and construction works as these missing tapes in her handbag may have revealed. This took her life some say.

Take Your Vice Over is the mindset behind this gang as by reading the amounts of information leading up to Juanita's disappearance. Yet there has been no body found? This mindset is still being driven by ego manics without a conscious on our society.

Please help, we need everyone to remember just for a minute all the people that go missing every day with no trace.

If an heiress can without a trace, this TYVO should be outlawed. This walking in through the front door's of business this group that has excessive money in years ago to start banks to legalise the amounts of illegally made money through the sales of drugs for building works.

Some will have the money in roof's of houses, others will have it under floorboards. Construction companies working today I am sure will be working with a front yet no business structure behind on residential properties, less likely to be exposed.

There is a market in Australia of $12 Billion a year black money. Where does it all go? Who does it affect?

It affected an Heiress Juanita Nielsen? Just a thought about what these drugs do affect.... A LIFE!

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