The Girl that knew too much about the Underworld

he Girl that knew too much about the Underworld

Drugs was the life of her hatred. Uncovering the start of the largest drug empire in Australia. Drugs, the black money, the gambling, illegal casinos for the Heiress that went missing, NOW Newspaper.

For 40 years this disappearance of Juanita Nielsen an Heiress to Mark Foy's Department store, Francis Foy cared to try to find her living as a ghost. Guiding everyone that could help to find her. The missing Heiress destroyed not just her life, for many the lives that surrounded her.

Drugs, the black money, the gambling, illegal casinos were the subject of the case that Juanita Nielsen was working on. This digging into the evil money that built many of the developments in Sydney. Still today this empire built on drugs is still in existence. What can we do?

If the police cant stop the drug running disease that is affecting many people. The empire was setting itself up when Juanita decided to uncover the hidden money fuelling the developments across Sydney in particularly in Victoria Street.

10.28pm an All Stations missing report:

Missing from Potts Point since 10.30am on 4-7-75, Juanita Nielson (sic) Born 22/4/37, 174cms tall, slim to med bld, fair complexion, brown hair and eyyes, natural teeth. Last seen wearing dark colouredd slacks, tangerine leather jacket, dar coloured beret style hat and wearing a gent's avia quartz digital stainless steel wrist watch rectangular shape which has the number 2001/D/00 stampped on the back. Request all hospitals to be checked re thisperson and innquiries made regarding any unidientified females. Any information to be forwarded to special crime squad, Sydney....

NEVER Found. Where do the bones remain?

Juanita Nielsen was friendly with another girl that knew too much Sallie Ann Huckstepp. Both had formed a friendship, Juanita would see Sallie around the Cross area. Both of these girls knew too much about the drug trade. Sallie had been feeding Juanita with information for a story for the newspaper NOW. This story was the reason that Juanita went missing.

Where do the bones remain?

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