Three Reasons I Gave My Royalty Check to Charity

There are three reasons I decided to donate my royalty payment to the National Kidney Foundation.

1) It's a great charity, rated four stars (the highest possible) by Charity Navigator. No funny business going on with this organization. They do good work for kidney transplant and dialysis patients. I should know.

2) I want something positive to come out of the Trestle Press situation. Even more than that, I needed some closure. Much has been and will be written about what happened. At least my story can have a happy ending.

3) Another term for "royalty payment" is "beer money." It'd be just that if Ol' Sawbones would give me the green light. Giving it to a charity is a better use of the money anyway. It's not like I'll miss it.

Anyone looking to do some charitable giving this tax season, be sure to run the outfit by Charity Navigator. It's a great resource, and shows exactly how money is spent.

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Comment by Dana King on February 10, 2012 at 7:53am

Great idea, Ben. Good on you.

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