The good, bad and ugly, I love reviews. Here's the early take on NIGHT BLIND, the first novel in the Blake Sanders thriller series, out in October, 2012.


“Sherer’s NIGHT BLIND is the type of story I crave—a deep mystery wrapped in an impossible to put down thriller. This is a novel that will keep you up late, and force you out of bed early to start reading again. Loved every page of it.”

—Brett Battles, author of SICK and the Jonathan Quinn Thrillers


"NIGHT BLIND is a tense, twisty thriller about a wrongfully accused man seeking to clear his name and finding himself in the middle of a gripping mystery with deadly consequences. A tightly paced page-turner that's impossible to put down. Terrific!"

—Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author


"NIGHT BLIND is a study in contrasts – both a complex international thriller and a tightly woven wrongfully accused mystery, with storylines that crackle with intensity before they collide in a shower of sparks. Michael Sherer has crafted an original and compelling character in Blake Sanders. Pay attention. You won’t want to miss a word."

—J.T. Ellison, bestselling author of A DEEPER DARKNESS


“In an ingenious, byzantine tale, Michael Sherer has woven multiple threads through history and across continents to link a long hidden secret to a modern day murder. Deftly written and enthralling, NIGHT BLIND succeeds both as a thriller with international scope and as a profoundly personal tale of a man who’s been knocked down more times than he can count but gets right back up again. Sherer masterfully navigates dizzying plot twists and his characters’ frailties with the perfect balance of grit and humanity. NIGHT BLIND is a story in which the layers have layers, rich, complex, and deeply satisfying.”

—Bill Cameron, author of COUNTY LINE


An appealing, empathetic lead makes up only in part for a misguided plot in this thriller, set mostly in Seattle, Wash., from Sherer (Death on a Budget and five other Emerson Ward mysteries). Blake Sanders, who lost his reputation after he was accused of embezzling money from a political campaign, now delivers newspapers for a living. One morning on his rounds, Sanders, who lost a close relative to suicide, is at the right place at the right time to stop a woman from jumping off a bridge. Later, Sanders becomes the prime suspect in the stabbing murder of an old woman on his route with whom he was friendly. This crime, committed we learn by another, somehow ties in with a killing carried out by a French intelligence agent in Paris in the opening chapter. The reveal of what’s behind the mayhem will strike many readers as not a good fit with the book’s everyman hero. (Oct.)

—Publisher’s Weekly

Reviewed on: 08/13/2012


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