"Justice Interrupted is an internet radio show hosted by three crime bustin' babes -- hot chicks with a penchant for protection, prevention and prosecution!" That's how the show would be promoted, no doubt, back in the "old days." Print promotions would feature bikini clad vixens, clutching briefcases, cavorting wildly in the Halls of Justice. The pitch for network TV adaptation would be something like "okay, it's BAYWATCH except on concrete, urban, and these lifeguards REALLY save lives!" Well, that's not the way we do it now. I was a guest on Justice Interrupted, and had a delightful time...in fact, the show from Blogtalkradio.com/justiceinterrupted is what you are hearing right now on the Crimespace player.
I do my own radio show, with co-host Don Woldman, every Saturday 2p... This week our guest is Gary C. King. His newest book is AN ALMOST PERFECT MURDER.
You can listen live by clicking the this link!

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