LCC! Oh my.

Well, I took copious notes for my Murder Circle Go there for the gossip.

Basically, the Omni Hotel was great (very expensive!) but didn't lend itself to sitting down and talking to each other. It was more like waving at each other as we passed in the very crowded hallways.

Many authors were looking for me, Sue Ann Jaffarian among them, and many more wanted to meet me because of the attention I have given them in the Circle. I got "gifted" many books and even Canadian coffee! There was a lot of hugs and promises to meet at LCC Santa Fe, which everyone if very excited
about. That's going to be an incredible conference.

This conference was very "Hollywood." Of course, set in LA, I should have expected that. The panels were filled with TV writers who had penned some of the scripts for mystery shows we all remembered.

I was too exhausted (or lazy) to attend the events planned outside the hotel. My roommate, Madeline Gornell, joined Naomi Hirahara's group for the flower market tour early one morning. The walking tour of downtown was also well received, but the evening bookstore event with Lee Child was too crowded for my friends to get through the door.

Good news for me--the book room ordered copies of my book WHERE ANGELS FEAR for my signing. The bad news--I didn't get a signing! They had to clear the signing place for the cocktail party to follow.

My panel, "Behind the Badge," went very well. Two people had dropped out, but we were a varied bunch. I was on one end, Robin Burcell on the other and I played off each other. I grabbed some attention for
the astrology, got laughs from a few "war" stories of the craziness in the narc unit. Many of my friends peppered the audience.

One of my goals was to bring together the Sacramento Sisters who I had just met with the Central Coast Sisters, the chapter I belong to. Since Sacramento is hosting 2012 LCC, I gave input on plans for the event. I really love this chapter and plan to create closer ties with them in the future.

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Comment by M. M. Gornell on April 13, 2010 at 11:29am
Indeed, it was a fun and informative event! Looking forward to future LCCs.

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