Looking for Something Amazing to Stuff Those Ereaders With This Weekend? Here Are Some of Trestle Press New Releases This Week!

“Amish Forever-Volume 4- A Cold Winter”- Roger Rheinheimer & Crystal Linn

“Amish Knitting Circle- Volume 8- Wings To Fly”- Karen Anna Vogel

“What Friends Are Made Of”- Randy K. Wallace

“How I Met Your Mother- Volume 5- Shattered Glass”- Mark cooper

“Slouching Toward Bethlehem- Volume 4- The Stranger in Dreams”- William Tooker

“Without Notice”- Jason Hughes

“The Man of Shadows-Volume 3”- Angel Zapata

“Wicked Little Lies-Volume 3” –Tanya Contois

“Pepper & Longstreet Mysteries-Volume 1-The Beginning”- JT Lewis

“Down Moon Girl”-Kyle Hemmings

“My Son’s Presence” –A.G. Wedgeworth

“Eddy Evers Electric Detective Agency”- E.E. King

“Sons of The King-Volume 2-Happy Niners”-Olivia and Mark Miller

“The Pandora Case”- Whit Howland

“Call Me Smitty-Volume 9-First Kill”- B.R. Stateham

“A Joke”-Joshua J. Mark

“The Next Best Seller”- David L. Hoof

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