MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME Anthology Now in eBook and Print

MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME: Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre, is a true crime anthology edited by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers, featuring seventeen gripping true stories by all stars of the genre, such as Harold Schechter, Katherine Ramsland, Burl Barer, Carol Ann Davis, Robert Scott, Cathy Scott, Amanda Lamb, and Camille Kimball among others.


A must for true crime fans!


“A riveting collection of short stories told by veteran crime writers. Once you begin to read this book, you will have trouble putting it down. . . . It is a disturbing, albeit fascinating, read.” —Kathleen M. Heide, PhD, professor of criminology at the University of South Florida and author of Why Kids Kill Parents


“A fascinating, must-read compendium of true crime by some of the genre’s leading authors.” —Gary C. King, bestselling author of Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer


“Striking, well-written tales sparkle in this ocean of murder.” --Diane Fanning, author of Mommy’s Little Girl


“This book should be a mandatory purchase and read for any true-crime buff. It is, indeed, an exceptional collection of true-crime stories.” —Steven A. Egger, PhD, associate professor and chair of the Criminology Program at the University of Houston–Clear Lake


“Incredible cases, psychopathic killers, unwitting victims, along with the very best writers, make for an exciting, no-holds-barred, soon-to-be true-crime classic.” —Dan Zupansky, host of True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History


Masters of True Crime gives absolute bone-chilling and sinister accounts of murder and mayhem. . . . Readers get an extreme front-row seat to seventeen terrifying tales. Well written and captivating.” —Jennifer Chase, criminologist and award-winning author

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