Molly Edwards "The Willow Spring Killer"

Blood, suspense, mystery, intrigue what are you looking for in a good read? Well, this one has them all. Molly Edwards goes for broke in her debut effort and delivers the goods, in spades. I can say I was NOT surprised when I got a chance to read this. Her ability to write is evident in the first paragraph. She knows how to create a universe and draw us into her characters’ lives and make us care about them very quickly. I think you have gathered by now that I really enjoy the digital short story form, but the thing is, not everybody has grasped the concept or what it takes to do this, she has, already.  The town and the players that inhabit it are fun, engaging and memorable, you can’t ask for much more. Thankfully there is more to come from Molly and I for one look forward to it. Look for a pretty neat guest post from her on Thursday; it is a very nice read. Here is the synopsis of the story for you:

“What do you do when your find your best friend of 15 years hanging, lifeless, from a rope in an abandoned school house?

That's what Willow Spring Police Officer Josie Summerville was about to find out. When she finds blood in the abandoned school house, she has no idea what she's about to find. Or, that she's being watched. Then, a mysterious note on her front door sets her mind into overdrive. Will she figure out the puzzle before it's too late? Or will she be the cause of another killing by the Willow Spring killer?  

 Molly Edwards is a single mom of two adorable boys. She's a Pharmacy Technician and a book-a-holic. Where you find her, you'll find her Nook, or a book, and sometimes both. She's an avid and dedicated book blogger over at Reviews By Molly. She resides in North Carolina, though she wishes her home was in Pennsylvania. Visit her site at  “              

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