The killer of The Unholy Priest returned home, he lived in Topeka, Kansas, he checked in at work. Captain Russell Brooks made a snide remark, “there’s that lazy detective whose case load is off the charts.”
“No problem, I’m gonna retire soon.”
“I remember in high school you were retired then too.”
The two had known each other as kids. They both grew up in Oakland adjacent to the Kaw River. Then it was a peaceful area and kids did what kids did then, no drugs or gangs it was a good place to live. Bud and Larry were always bantering and still are.

Larry returned to his parent’s house, he lived there alone now, his parents passed on. He has a sister who lives in Oakland, married with a daughter and husband. The solitude forced his memory. Damn serial killer, I wanted to get him before he killed that lady. I need to react a little faster after I have my vision. That makes three now but these damn killers are sprouting like weeds I don’t like killing but I hate to think of the innocent victims. Being a detective is interfering with my mission, I must continue on. The FBI should be looking for me,

I`m ready for plan B if they come sniffing around Topeka.

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