Moral Dilemma by Ron Feasel on Kindle for 1.99 and smashwolrds

Jack with a disability incurred on a mission as a Navy Seal returns to civilian life. He accepts a job as an associate detective. In his new career he encounters a moral dilemma. This dilemma creates a story that is intriguing and fascinating. He meets a woman also with a disability. Their union results in an…


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Moral Dilemma by Ron Feasel on smashwords-4.95

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Moral Dilemma by Ron Feasel

Is available-

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Read further into my novel MORAL DILEMMA. Jack, the main character,is helping a friend with depression.

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The killer of The Unholy Priest returned home, he lived in Topeka, Kansas, he checked in at work. Captain Russell Brock saw Larry arrive. Larry was hard to miss. He was six foot five, lanky build, good looking, and had silvery brown hair that gave him a look of a distinguished judge or successful business CEO. Captain Brock made a snide remark, “there’s that lazy detective whose case load is off the charts.”

“No problem, I’m gonna retire soon.”

“I remember in… Continue

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You hopefully have read the first 6 chapters posted of my blogs. The FBI and local law enforcement in San Francisco have set up a task force to deal with the unusual Ice Man. From here the story takes on exciting action and character developments

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Jack was hired and he asked Angie out to dinner to get acquainted. They were at a nice restaurant discussing their handicaps.

“I enjoyed that today, watching you was fun.”

“You were handy too.” Jack joked.

They both laughed at the pun.

“How did you lose your legs, if I may ask?”

“It`s ok, I’ll tell you.”

“I was on a night recon with two other seals in Iraq. We were sneaking up on an Iraqi command post at three am Iraqi time.”

The moon… Continue

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He was moving along smoothly as the wheels clicked over the separations in the sidewalk- tic-tic-tic. Jack was a striking figure in his wheelchair. A fit specimen in a

Wheelchair with a short crew cut dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt with odd stainless steel caps just below his knees adding to his total look of curiosity. His lower legs had been shot off. And the caps caught the attention of passerby’s. His upper body was muscular with his arms betraying his strength.… Continue

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Ann Parker

1. Where does the story take place? Does the author make the place

come alive? Can the reader feel the air and see the mountains? How

is the feeling of a Silver boom town conveyed? Does the author

effectively engage all the senses to make the story come alive? How

does the city change, physically and socially, over the course of the


2. What is Silver Lies about? Who killed… Continue

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My book trailer

Hello firiends,
The book trailer for my book will be ready soon.I will post it on here

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I will be a host in the coffee shop the second hour of the convention on saturday the 24 th of October. Drop in and chat.

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Jack had taken a job as an associate detective with a reputable detective agency in San Francisco. After his injuries while on a secret mission for the Navy he quit and took his disability pension. He wouldn’t be content with a desk job.

During one of his assignments he became involved in a MORAL DILEMMA. This is that… Continue

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the striped monkey jumped into the open window--- Excerpt from MORAL DILEMMA

Jack watched from his position behind the car in the parking garage, The bald ganger had used the high pitched whistle to beckon the chattering monkey.

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I was on my zero turn mower

out in the field mowing slower.

Was a clear day-no wind-still,

An Indian summer day- warm with a breath of chill.

I stopped my mower to stare.

The sky was a soft inviting blue,

cotton tuffs scattered in the view.

The Sun was gentle in the chill'

raising my senses to a thrill.

Then a puff of cotten set underneath the glow,

filtering the golden rays just so.

The scene became a pallet of mist,

a beautufull… Continue

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Cold or warm it's the first impression,

a first encounter causes the expression.

You meet someone new,

the eyes are the first you view.

You do a quick scope.

from head to toe you grope.

From their mouth you analyze,

their words spoken you cannabalize.

In a flash you decide,

do I like this hide.

If your wise you wait and see,

does this person speak free?

You excange your chatter,

the usual… Continue

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The wind blows yet you can't see,

you feel it's breath you know it's free.

The branches relent--even the grass,

swaying , rocking, in it's pass.

We each have a wind so real,

to react from to feel.

Life blows from many a direction,

we can't know we lack detection.

The wind of life has a unique sway,

to each it blows a different way.

To some it's hard and unforgiving,

others are caressed with gentle… Continue

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Fiction writing and Prose

The thing about prose is that it brings out the heart in a writer. The senses are brought to the surface. This will improve the writing of fiction. After writing many pieces of poetry on many subjects I find my fiction writing to be more sensitive to the characters in the novel. I realize I have a long road to travel in my writing. But all writing whatever the genre can assist and develope a writer. Any comments on this subject would be appreciated

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We post and read each others writ

learning and marveling at the writers wit,

Many types of prose reach our heart

distilling our thoughts for a start,

Love, sadness, elation,surprise, and many more

fill our senses galore,

The poets aim is to feel - to share

a heartfelt prayer,

Theres no monetary guide

just a feeling from the deep inside,

Call it social or being friendly

but the poet isn't trendy,

We… Continue

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I had a ornery spoiled quarter horse mare That I brought home to train. She was a nasty one. She tried to kick me and bite me because the previous owner spoiled her. She had no fear of humans and was dangerous! I set about to change that. I lounged her and watched her carefully. Working with her daily. I was putting her back into her paddock and I turned my back to shut the gate, She bit me on the back. Out of instinct and reaction I turned and readily roundhoused my fist connecting to her… Continue

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How often do we use a beast

to feature our yeast,

The wolf is used many ways

to conjole or sway,

He often howls

sets his nose on a prowl,

Some men are called a wolf by action

they stalk women without losing traction,

Some are a wolf by nature

quiet---a loner---you notice their stature,

Others are incensed by the hunt

whether for greed, power-to be blunt,

What kind of wolf are you

do you howl… Continue

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