Cold or warm it's the first impression,
a first encounter causes the expression.

You meet someone new,
the eyes are the first you view.

You do a quick scope.
from head to toe you grope.

From their mouth you analyze,
their words spoken you cannabalize.

In a flash you decide,
do I like this hide.

If your wise you wait and see,
does this person speak free?

You excange your chatter,
the usual matter.

Then you part ways,
you think does this person sway,
or does my mind delay.

You mentally check your list of qualities,
Love,caring, humble, and no banalities.

Then you make your decision,
to continue or not in your derision.

To this I have learned,
take time--slowly discern.

A first meet is not complete,
until you reengage-- wet your feet.

We all hedge at the beginning;
hiding our soul, protecting our image.

But in time we re revealed,
as are surface is peeled!

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