It is good to keep up with Obama, Healthcare Reform, Immigration system in crisis, troubled economy, earthquakes in Haiti, Italy, and Canada, oil spill in the Gulf, securing borders, and Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq but it is the strength of local economies that will keep America's economy strong, stable and out of the red. In my state of Georgia Rob Teilhet is running for Attorney General and is Dealing a deathblow to his opponent with an issue that pains me to my heart not to talk about. In 2009 one of the tanks at the Columbus Water Works collapses with a big boom, spilling over 6 million gallons of water into the surrounding neighborhoods and onto Columbus' major vein highway, J.R. Allen Parkway. the tanks collapsing is a local incident but this is the water calculus with national implications that is very prophetic. Now the spill came before the fire, before the fire at the historical Bibb Mill, which was the largest fire in Columbus History. The Bibb Mill was one of the first mills in Columbus that fueled the economy and social life. They said the fire was started at the old abandoned building by homeless people trying to keep warm. Officials ruled the cause of the fire undetermined which sparked a national response that brought in the A.T.F. Trusted Mayor Jim Wetherington will not run in 2010 opening a vacant seat for those candidates with the best sign design and in this mayoral race it is the candidate with the 'Best Sign' who will win the vacant Mayor seat in my city. With the capture of one of the F.B.I.'s 10 most wanted, Micheal Regis, the reopening of the 1984 ax killings and indictment of Micheal Curry, the accused, and an appeal of the stocking stranglings and its accused, Carlton Gary. There are many issues to platform on along with a statewide election there seems to be a changing of the guard.
From persons like Obama to issues on Immigration to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to self checkouts in Wal-Mart to the 3M self checkout system at the library to shopping online or on the phone we live in a do it your self age. These incidents are truly signs for not only my city but for the world that, that part of America that was locked away in the second part of the 20th century, silently, is now made whole again and it are those events and situations that help provide solutions to problems we face as a nation.

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