New Novel Releases for the Week of Nov. 30

It is Monday and today we have a new list of novels for you as they keep pumping them out in hopes we purchase them or download these bad boys to our Kindles, Nooks, and all other ereaders
out on the market. Without further ado let’s get right to the new novels being
released this week:

-Partricia Cornwell- Port Mortuary

-Jackie Gingrich Cushman- The Essential American

-Troy Denning- Star Wars

-Alley Condie- Matched (we will be featuring this novel tomorrow-Tuesday)

-J.R. Ward- Lover Mine

-Richard J. Hamilton- Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopocia 2011 Classic Short Pocket Edition

-Joan Reardon-As Always, Julia

-Patricia Davids- An Amish Christmas

-Nora Roberts-O’Hurleys Return: Skin Deep/Without a Trace

-Tad Williams- Shadowheart

-Ina Garten- Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Collection

-Diane Palmer- Will of Steel/Reluctant Father

We have a big week in store for you here @ Gelati’s Scoop. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed for the lineup as we are lucky enough to be getting some very nice guest posts. Also please don’t forget to check the Twitter feed
(If you are not following us, check out our Facebook wall or the Twitter feed
on our blog) for the links to some of past guest posts. You can always go
through our archives to check to see if an author you are thinking about was a
guest here. Please feel free at any time to drop me a message, I am glad as
always to hear from you. Have an excellent day.

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