This week there’s lots new on my web site, including a new featured review from Pamela Bourgeois.

I’ve spoken to Pamela, but we’ve never met. Her niece was at one of my book signings, looking for a Christmas present for her aunt. Rather than try to describe my titles to Pamela on her cell phone she handed the phone to me. After some conversations she chose Damaged Goods for her gift.

It was wonderful to get an e-mail from her telling me that she enjoyed my novel. She also gave me some interesting feedback on my book, including insightful analysis on the use of the word bitch, and men calling each other dog... or is that dawg? She commented on the darker themes in the book and mentioned the humor as well, which I think some readers may miss. She even chose part of the soundtrack for the book, a very appropriate tune at just the right place. Without giving away any of the plot points, I’ve posted part of Pamela’s comments as this week’s featured review on my web site.

When you get there you’ll also see the other cool news I got Saturday. When I was at Magna Cum Murder last year I was interviewed for the Voices in Mystery, a TV show on Public television in Indiana. The hostess was kind enough to share the eight-minute segment with me, and I’ve posted it on my web site so everyone else can see it too.

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