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Kent Harrington - $500 DONATION CHALLENGE

For  a $500 donation to NoirCon 2012/ Project H.O.M.E., you will be able to take advantage of the incredible talents of Kent Harrington.  Your donation buys you:
 (1) Kent Harrington's review of your work which includes a critique and suggestions.  You will have to send in your work prior to NoirCon 2012 (November 8th through the 11th) to allow Kent to adequately evaluate your work.
 (2) Consultation with Kent on the ins- and outs of publishing.
 (3) A signed copy of his debut novel at NoirCon 2012
 (4) An invitation to Kent's Private Party at NoirCon 2012 and the ability to meet the movers and shakers of Crime fiction.
Given the nature of this offer, donations must be made prior to NoirCon.

Kent is a  4th generation San Franciscan, born to an Irish-Jewish father and Guatemalan mother. Kent's early education was spent at the Palo Alto Military Academy, where he was sent at an early age. He attended San Francisco State University and received a degree in Spanish literature. After living both in Spain and Latin America he returned to the Bay Area and began his career as a novelist. His first published work was the well received noir thriller DARK RIDE. He is the author of 7 books. His newest novel will debut at Noircon in November 2012. He lives in Northern California with his wife.

David Henry Sterry - $250 DONATION CHALLANGE

For a $250 donation to NoirCon 2012/Project H.O.M.E., you will be able to take advantage of the much sought after talents of David Henry Sterry.  He and his company, THE BOOK DOCTORS, have helped hundreds of writers get successfully published.  Your donation to Project H.O.M.E. will buy you a one hour consultation with DHS.
Given the nature of this offer, donations must be made prior to NoirCon.

David Henry Sterry's first book, Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent was an international bestseller, has been translated into nine languages, and is being made into Hollywood movie.  He is a Huffington Post is regular.  His new novella, Confessions of a Sex Maniac in San Francisco Noir, was a finalist for the Henry Miller Award.  He’s written for The London Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and Penthouse, and been featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Details Magazine, BBC, NPR's Morning and Weekend Edition andTalk of the Nation                                                                                     

Andrez Bergen $100 DONATION CHALLENGE 

TO NAME AND DESCRIBE A SUPPORTING CHARACTER IN THE NOVELTHE MERCURY DRINKERS - man/woman, personality, warts, idiosyncrasies, dress-sense, you name it!  Anything goes!  That's right, get immortalized and help the homeless all in one fell swoop!This novel is called The Mercury Drinkers. It's shaping up to be a mystery/crime/procedural in the vein of Chandler/Hammett, obviously placed in an "alien" landscape as far as possible from 1930s/40s San Francisco or Los Angeles. Having lived in Tokyo since 2001, I have a fairly good grasp of the place and its people - although the narrator is an Australian journalist, who stumbles across the controversy (and resultant cover-up) that relates to the industrial mercury poisoning of a Japanese fishing village in the 1950s and '60s. This, in itself, is based on the events that happened in Minamata in Japan, though of course from a fictionalized standpoint in the novel - which will be a dialogue-based noir/hardboiled story, complete with yakuza, geisha, guns, and the influences of directors like Akira Kurosawa, Seijun Suzuki, and Shunya Itō. 

ANDREZ BERGEN was born in Melbourne, Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian author, journalist, DJ, photographer and musician, who has been based in Tokyo, Japan, over the past eleven years. Aside from specializing in Japanese culture, anime, movies, and electronic music’s various tangents, Bergen has written fiction for Another Sky Press, Shotgun Honey, Snubnose Press, Perfect Edge, Pulp Ink, Solarcide and Crime Factory. He did a book of prose in collaboration with Polish photographer Tomek Sikora, and released his debut novel, the noir/sci-fi-inclined Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, in 2011. Bergen published a second novel, One Hundred Years of Vicissitude, in 2012. 
He is currently putting together an anthology of short stories, by other writers and illustrators, that relates to the dystopia of TSMG.  Bergen makes music and videos under aliases Little Nobody, Slam-Dunk Ninja, and Funk Gadget, he ran indie/experimental record label IF? for fourteen years, he creates the occasional comic, and he’s a self-professed amateur saké connoisseur.   Bergen is married to Japanese artist Yoko Umehara, and they have a daughter, Cocoa.

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