Observation of the 42 Anniversary of the Death of David Goodis - Gravside

"January Cold came in from two rivers, formed four walls around Hart and closed in on him." --Black Friday

Dear Goodisheads:

The night of January 25 is the anniversary of the death of David Loeb Goodis according to the Hebrew Calendar. In honor of the Great Philadelphia Noir Writer, Louis Boxer and Aaron Finestone are planning a gathering to remember David Goodis on the afternoon of January 25 at Roosevelt Memorial Park, 2701 Old Lincoln Highway, Trevose, PA 19053.

The grave is located at Section B-3, Lot 324, Grave 3.

After David's funeral, friends gathered at the Toddle House to remember David's outrageous humor and recount his devoted friendship. The Toddle House---at Broad and Belfield Streets in Logan---is now a vacant lot. We will re-enact the apres-funeral lunch at the Club House Diner, 2495 Street Road (between Knights and Mechanicsville Road, 215-639-4287) in Bensalem, a few minutes from Roosevelt Cemetery.

The memorial begins at 2 p.m. The luncheon begins at 3 p.m.

1. If you would be interested in attending, would you please email us (lboxer1@gmail.com and microbrewjournalism@gmail.com). Your email would not be binding. We just want to be able to give an estimate to the restaurant.

2. If you would be willing to lead the traditional Jewish Prayers (Kaddish, El-Molay Rachamim, etc.) please let me know.

3. At graveside, we will read excerpts from David Goodis' coldest, most gripping works.

What better way to spend a cold January afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing you January 25.

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