Lately I feel like I'm at war with the world's bookstores. Nothing could
be further from the truth. While it's true I've been social networking
and virtual "cyber" pushing the Kindle and EBook sales of my new
bestsellers, The Remains and Moonlight Falls
(and the forthcoming The Innocent), like a street-corner prostitute on
crack, I haven't completely ignored the value and communal benefits of
the traditional bookstore. After all, all my books are still published
in paper and like any other author, there's no greater feeling than
holding your own book in your hand.

However, bookstores if they are to last must face some serious facts, the major one being, if they
don't adapt to the new indie publishing revolution, especially
EBook/Kindle publishing, they will go out of business, or at the very
least relegate their personalized service to the big box Target's of the
world. That includes the littlest corner shop to the big B&N
stores. Get the rest of the scoop here!

To order the bestselling Remains, clock here!

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