Firestar (Angelica "Angel" Jones) is a fictional mutant superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. She can generate and manipulate microwave radiation, creating intense heat and flames. She can also fly. In the comics, Firestar has been a member of the Hellions, the New Warriors, and the Avengers. In the cartoon from which she originated, she was a member of the X-Men and, later, of the Spider-Friends.

Firestar was originally created for the animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. The creators had originally wanted to use the Human Torch, but the rights to the character were tied up.
Firestar occasionally appears to have a playful flirtation and sometimes dates Iceman. At times she dates Peter Parker (Spider-Man) as well, resulting in a relaxed love triangle of sorts (though Iceman states that, despite his feelings for Firestar, "fire and ice don't really mix."

The animated series and the one-shot Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends comic book are not considered part of standard Marvel Universe continuity.

The Firestar four issue mini-series shows her development from a shy, insecure girl afraid of her developing powers to a confident young woman. Angelica Jones, a lonely girl raised by her single father Bartholomew and paternal grandmother, discovered that she possessed mutant powers.

Firestar was later to become one of the few surviving original Hellions, after most members were murdered by Trevor Fitzroy.

Firestar's primary artist, George Pérez, was one of the most popular and influential artist of superhero comic books in the 80s. He primarily illustrates superhero comics, mainly published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and is known for his clean, dynamic, and ornate style.

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