'Requiem for The Ripper' Released by Double Dragon Publishing

I'm delighted to be able to announce the release of the final part of my Jack the Ripper trilogy from Double Dragon Publishing. Requiem for the Ripper has just been released in its e-book format and paperback release will follow in 3 or 4 weeks. I hope everyone who enjoyed both A Study in Red and the first sequel, Legacy of the Ripper will enjoy the final episode of the trilogy just as much.

Requiem for the Ripper is currently available in multiple e-book formats, including Amazon Kindle from the publisher at Double Dragon Publishing

Watch out for the paperback release coming very soon.

About Requiem for the Ripper

Criminal psychologist David Hemswell receives a desperate call from a worried man. William Forbes, former solicitor to
serial killer Jack Reid believes himself to be threatened by the living
soul of the notorious Victorian enigma, Jack the Ripper. Convinced that
Reid was a descendant of the Ripper and that the evil that first entered
the current era through the inheritance of the Ripper’s journal by
psychiatrist Robert Cavendish, Forbes turns to Hemswell as his last hope
to free himself from the demons he believes are pursuing him. Forbes
travels to Skerries Rock, David Hemswell’s private island home off the
bleak, barren west coast of Cape Wrath, Scotland, where Hemswell soon
realises that there is much about his visitor that is disquieting and
frightening. Hemswell summons help in the form of paranormal
investigator Kate Goddard, and together, the pair attempt to free Forbes
of whatever strange phenomenon has assaulted his mind. As their
investigation gathers pace, however, they soon begin to believe that the
three of them are not alone on the tiny island. Has the soul of Jack
the Ripper found a way to encroach upon the present day? Is William
Forbes the living embodiment of The Ripper, or is he too a victim of the
curse that appears to have been handed down across time by the
unfortunate Cavendish family? As time begins to run out, and the danger
surrounding them grows ever stronger by the second, David Hemswell must
face his own demons and is faced with the most terrible decision of his
life, as the story that began with A Study in Red - The Secret Journal
of Jack the Ripper and continued in Legacy of the Ripper reaches its
shattering and terrifying conclusion!

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